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Cultural Association “PEIROS”

Cultural Association “PEIROS” was founded in 2016 and counts c.700 members, mainly originating from 2 rural/coastal communities in northern Peloponnese, Greece, namely Alissos and Kato Alissos.

Our aims are:

  1. to strengthen the bonds of the residents of the two communities and encourage their development and active citizenship through voluntarism.
  2. to raise awareness on issues in the fields of welfare, health, education, environment and culture.
  3. to participate in actions that support peace, independence, democracy, social justice and human rights.
  4. to engage in innovative approaches towards non formal education, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
  5. to increase intercultural dialogue and exchange, by establishing partnerships with national and international organisations that share common interests and values, and by implementing projects within the frame of Erasmus+ or other international programmes.
  6. to unite the residents in collective action and in developing skills related to our aims.

Our main activities have focused on:

  1. Sustaining a healthy environment, improving the quality of life and attracting tourists via combined interventions (coastal cleanup, repairing of damaged public buildings, embellishment of local landmarks, and construction of sport and recreation facilities).
  2. Creating innovative methods of production and marketing. Stimulating the talents of the youths. To this end, lectures about organic farming have been offered; festivities for promoting local products have been organized. Special attention is directed to female participation in entrepreneurial operations.
  3. Establishing a study group to carry out historical research in order to record aspects of local identity. Promoting local heritage by organizing artistic events.

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